I Guess That Will Always Be the Case

by The Glancers

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released February 12, 2015

Brian Glancer: vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica
Matt Glancer: guitar, banjolele, drums, bass, keyboard, vocals

Songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 recorded at Robot! House!!
Produced by Phil Castiglione

Songs 5, 6, 7 recorded at Capital Rehearsal Studios and The Elphin
Produced by Scott Thompson

All songs written by The Glancers
All songs ©2014-2015 New School Thinkery and Brewtank
Written between 2012-2014



all rights reserved


The Glancers

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Track Name: You're So Pretty (I'm So Shitty)
You’re So Pretty (I’m So Shitty)

It started with a big plate of meat
We had some friends we were going to meet
And I drank some soju and I called you
some bad names
Well I know girl it’s tough when
I make the lives we’re livin’
So shitty
But you’re so pretty

We met some more friends in a bar
I said hey drive me home, you got a car
But I was pretty drunk by then
and there was no chance I was gettin it up
But hey girl I know it’s hard
When I make everything so shitty
But you, girl,
You’re so pretty

I made you angry walkin home
you left me on a park bench we didn’t bone
you called my friends and asked where I was
But I was too drunk to pick up cus
I had drank a little too much
Ate a little too much meat
And soju

Now, the morning after
Am I gonna call you am I gonna run after you
(I don’t know)

Well hey little girl, I know it’s hard
When I make this thing oh so shitty
But you, you just go on keep being
Pretty girl
Track Name: Jack Layton and Chinggis Kahn Ride Into the Sunset (Goin' East)
Jack Layton and Chingis Khan Ride Into the Sunset

Took a trip round the world to Mongolia (golia)
Crossin borders, getting drunk at border crossings with border girls
it was great we ate lots of good food and shit (food and shit)
But the whole time, we missed our good friend
And his name was

C Cmaj9 Am
Jack Layton (who-o-o-oooo)
You and Ghingis Khan are takin’ off

Those Canooks readin books but not the good book
Just takin looks at good books
And our friend Jack left us in Toronto
And we always want to remember him
So at his funeral, we sang this song

And it goes like this, the fourth the fifth,
Am F
The minor fall, the major lift
G E Am
The baffled king composing hallelujah
F Am F C G
Hallelujah (x3.5)

Jack Layton (who-o-o-ooo)
(We’ll miss you)
You and Chingis, are taking off into the sunset
Track Name: Are We Human or Are We Glancer?
Are We Human or Are We Glancers?

[Harmonica Intro]
G Gmaj9(no 3rd) Cadd9
The line is straight
These words are spoken
This love is loving
And if it breaks, it’s broken

Em7 Cadd9 Dsus4
Who are we
and why are we here
who am I
could it be more clear?

I feel these feelings
This life I’m living
and all of the time
it was always there


G Cadd9
we are humans, your girlfriend’s human
G Cadd9
we are humans, your girlfriend’s human
G Cadd9 G Dsus4 (stop)
like me, like you, like we, it’s true
G Gmaj9(no 3rd) Cadd9
we’re all just humans

I saw it with my eyes
then I thought, then I realized
that the answer to the question
was just a question of the question

Em7 Cadd9
Track Name: Everything in Flux
Everything In Flux

Intro, then C-Cmaj9-Am
Am G F C
We only just got home last month America we did roam
thinkin of those we left alone but really they weren’t on their own
There was one in old Busan but she was gone before too long
Am G F G
2 years gone, 2 years gone, but really all three had moved on

[chorus x2]
C Em
Where ya goin, where ya been
F Am
what’s it to ya, who ya seein?
well if I didn’t know much more
seems like you been here before

Friends of friends, well my friend, is that any way to have it end?
If you have the time to spend, there’s someone else we have in common
We lived in the same city, a pretty girl from the derby
We treated her the worst, see, the last not the first as we believed


Where ya goin, where ya been
what’s it to ya, Just askin!
well if I didn’t know much more
seems like you been here before
(x2 shouted)
Track Name: Breaker of the Morning Calm
Breaker of the Morning Calm

[intro yells]
D Cadd9 G
Oh Changhwan for an o cheon won
Cadd9 G
will call your ass a barbarian
D Cadd9 G
oh changhwan on his autobai
Cadd9 G
jumpin out of planes in the fuckin sky

Cadd9 G Cadd9 G
Cadd9 D Cadd9 D
Cadd9 G Cadd9 G
Cadd9 D D G

There’s a shadow on the highway and he’s comin my way
Killin just for some dweonjang jjigae
But don’t you worry he’ll give you a whirl
If you’re a smoking hot Danish girl


He told me once you miss all the shots
That you don’t take so you should take a lot
We called him Wayne and he changed our brains
Now we eat his ramen or we go insane

Track Name: Purple Friends
Purple Friends


I got purple friends 1, 2, and 3
Drunky dad, angry mom, baby and me
We’re all walking steps to Jesus, see
And hangin up on friends in Bible study


A Dmaj13(no 3rd)
He ain’t ripped and he ain’t cut
he’s pear-shaped midriff vegetarian butt
Jesus. He loves the late night taco bell jerks
Pissing mothers and cigar-smoking Turks


It’s a Seinfeld life or a meat hallucination
I got too many friends and obligations
the German girls wanna part in my hosen
But they don’t know

Track Name: Revenge Kicks
We had only known each other a month
When you roundhouse kicked me in the chest
I lost my breath and swore vengeance
You laughed and danced down the street

A while later I tried revenge
You blocked my kick with your hands
I’d have to wait for another day
I should have abandoned these violent ways

All my revenge kicks
don’t give me no kicks
G Am
Matt’s defense is impeccable
My kicks, too redirectable

Now in Ottawa I tried again
You caught my foot in your hands
I sprained my ankle on your kung fu
Shoulda known better than to mess with you

[Chorus x2]