Are We Human or Are We Glancer?

from by The Glancers

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Brian Glancer: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Matt Glancer: banjolele, backing vocals


Are We Human or Are We Glancers?

[Harmonica Intro]
G Gmaj9(no 3rd) Cadd9
The line is straight
These words are spoken
This love is loving
And if it breaks, it’s broken

Em7 Cadd9 Dsus4
Who are we
and why are we here
who am I
could it be more clear?

I feel these feelings
This life I’m living
and all of the time
it was always there


G Cadd9
we are humans, your girlfriend’s human
G Cadd9
we are humans, your girlfriend’s human
G Cadd9 G Dsus4 (stop)
like me, like you, like we, it’s true
G Gmaj9(no 3rd) Cadd9
we’re all just humans

I saw it with my eyes
then I thought, then I realized
that the answer to the question
was just a question of the question

Em7 Cadd9


from I Guess That Will Always Be the Case, released February 12, 2015
Recorded at Robot House. Produced by Phil Castiglione.


tags: experimental


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The Glancers

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